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Pom Pom Maker            $
2 Sizes
Yarn Accessories
Soak Wash and Hand Cream
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Yarn Needles                          $5.25
3 Sizes
Sock Stop, Grips, Cream, Orange, Blue, Grey and Black    $9.99ea.
Shawl Pins
Wooden Yarn Swift                              $75.00
Yarn Ball Winder    $40.00
Acacia Wood Drop Spindles                     $16.99
For Use with Roving to make Lace Weight Yarn
Point Protectors - Small                     $1.75
Fits needles 2 - 4.5mm
Point Protectors - Jumbo                     $6.99
Keep your double pointed needles together   
Point Protectors - Medium                       $1.79
Keep your work from sliding off needles
Point Protectors - Sock                       $4.99
Protect stitches from falling off needles
ChiaGoo Stitch Markers                      $8.99
4 sizes 5-15mm
24 Split Ring Markers                        $3.25
Easy to wrap around yarn instead of needle
Sock Blockers   1 Pair                   $26.99
Small or Medium
Toggle                                                  $ 2.99   
For use with I Cord or Drawstring
Knitting Thimble                               $4.50
Carries 4 Colours of Yarn for Colourwork
Row Counter - Large                           $3.75
PomPoms with Snaps                           $8.99
Assorted Colours
Large Stitch Holder            $2.99
Drop Stitch Repair Keychain                  $500
2mm and 3.5mm
Knitters T-Pins        $7.99   
Pack of 50   
Rainbow Knit Blockers  $40.99
12-8Pin Blockers 8-4Pin Blockers
Stitch Holder Medium                              $3.50
6 3/4"
Stitch Holder Small  $2.99
3 1/2"
Sheep Measuring Tape               $6.99
Thread Cutter Pendant                 $12.99
Dark Gold
Stash 'N Store Organizer                                      $16.99