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Unique Dye Catcher
Wash mixed colours with confidence by trapping dyes that are
released into the water, preventing colour runs. Use 1 Dye
CatcherTM sheet to every 4 kg (8.8 lbs) of fabric. Suitable for hand
or machine washing. Use in all water temperatures and on all
colourfast fabrics. Each box contains 20 sheets.

Cheryl's Tip:  Include a Dye Catcher in an envelope when
gifting your quilts.
DYLON S.O.S Colour Run corrects most colour run disasters,
restoring fabrics to their former glory. Its pH balanced colour
safe formula means colours, whites and delicates can be
treated together safely with beautiful results. Make colour runs
a thing of the past with DYLON S.O.S Colour Run and reclaim
your vibrant colours.

Cheryl's Tip:  Use 1 envelope for lap or smaller.  Use both
envelopes for larger quilts.  Add directly to drum, then
garments.  Check for colours before placing in dryer.
Go Portable Table Top Mini Ironing Board
Retractable chrome coated wire iron rest. Perfect for travel or
storage. 100% cotton, fire resistant removable cover with foam
padding. 81 x 30.5 x 21cm (32” x 12” x 81⁄4”), folded length - 40.5
cm (16”)

Cheryl's Tip:  Place on a lower table beside your sewing
for pressing your quilt blocks
Mighty Iron
Steam travel iron for classes, vacations, business trips and the
perfect size for small spaces when crafting anywhere!

Cheryl's Tip:  Place beside you for quickly piecing a quilt
Laundry Care
Cutting Tools
Password Organizer
With so many programs requiring passwords,
how do you keep track of them?

Now you can keep track of your favourite websites
and remember how to get in.

Organizing Tools
The new Stash n Store is the perfect device to keep your sewing and crafting notions within arm's reach and ready to go! Easily store marking
tools, scissors, stilettos, rulers, even brushes and small rotary cutters, in an easy-to-grab upright position. Size 1-1/2in x 2in x 8-1/4in
Cheryl's Tip: Perfect for holding your crochet hooks        $15.99
Sassy Tools
Klasse  Scissors 8 1/2"
Left Handed
Titech Pinking Sheers
8 1/2"
Stork Embroidery
Scissors 4 1/2"
Soft Cut
Rag Snips
Soft Cut Dressmaker
Scissors  1/2"
Viva Infinite 4pc Set
Cutting Mats $60.00 12"x18"
Wool Pressing Mats
14" x 14" x 1/2"  $54.99
18" x 24" x 1/2"  $79.99
Retains heat for a flatter block.
Heat Resistant Thimbles
Don't burn your fingers with steam.
Rotary Cutting Tools
Olfa Rotary Cutters 45mm
Aqua Pink or Purple
Ollfa Rotary Cutters
18mm $16.99
Olfa Rotary Cutters
Ergonomic 45mm $45.99
Endurance Blades
45mm$15.99 60mm $25.99
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Mary Ellen's Best Press Continuous Spray Misting Bottle
Holds 10 ounces.  Use with the above products.  
It gives a smoother mist..

Scent Free 16oz bottle or Gallon Jug
Best Press spray starch
, there’s no flaking,
clogging, or white residue on dark fabrics. A special
stain shield protects fabrics, and the product helps
resist wrinkles. Best of all, it’s more effective than any
starch you’ve ever used. Try Best Press today- you
will never go back to ironing with spray starch! It’s in a
non-aerosol clear bottle, so it’s environmentally
friendly and you can see how much is left, too.

Cheryl's Tip:  Spray your cotton to remove the
fold line in your fabric.
$18.00 for 16oz bottle, $90.00 Gallon Jug
Coasters $2.99
LipStick Holders with Sewing Needles
Roxanne's Glue Baste-It
Blade Savers
** New Item Coming Soon**