This pattern comes compliments of Quilt in a Day
it was printed on the back of the
2010 Ontario Quilters map
Creemore House of Stitches
Band Fabric 8 1/2
Step 1
Cut fabric band 8 1/2" Lx40"W
Body Fabric  25"Lx40"W
Step 2 Both Fabrics
Face side up and roll up bodylike a sausage
Step 3
Fold Band over Body
Step 4
Pin 3 pieces along edge and stitch
the sausage
Step 6 Pull out main fabric and unroll
Step 7 Topstitch Band
Step 8
With right sides out, sew 1/4"
seam down side and across the
Turn inside out and repeat.
This encases the raw edge.
(French Seam)
Sausage Roll Pillowcase with 3 easy seams
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