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Welcome to Creemore House of Stitches
Upcoming Events...

Dates:  Thursday September 20
to Saturday September 29-2018
This shop is open Monday during the shop hop.

Shop and Earn your free pattern
1st shop - Get your Free Kilt Pin
5th shop - The Placemat Pattern
10th shop - Bed Runner Pattern
15th shop - Table Topper
20th shop - Finishing Pattern

Kits $5.00 (including tax)
Collectible Charm Pins $5.00 (including tax)
Spend over $50.00 BEFORE TAX...
Get your pin FREE

Drop off your stamped passport at a participating shop
by 5pm Sat. Sept 29th to be eligible for the draw prizes.
Just attend a minimum of six shops to qualify.

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Planning A Shop Hop or Mystery Bus Tour?  
Make Creemore House of Stitches one of your destinations.
3 Caroline St. W.
Creemore, Ontario  
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Pin Money
Rudolph-50 Years
and Still Glowing
Porceline Blue
Quilt Cottons
Fleece and Flannel
Way Home to
Old McAndersons
A Dot is a Dot
Snuggy Butterfly Dot
3 Shop Hops Running at the Same Time
One for Knitters and Crocheters - Lakeside Yarn Crawl
June 1 - September 4th

One for Quilters- Row by Row
June 21st - September 4th

What's this?  And one for kids, aged 6-14
We've joined in the fun.  Row By Row Junior.
June 21st to September 4th, 2018

Can the Fun get any BIGGER?
Jungle Friends