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Hobbs Premium
80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
Queen Size
Hobbs Tuscany 100% Wool Batting
Made with Superwash Wool -
-Eliminates Shrinkage
Quilt up to 4" apart
Preferred by Hand-Quilters
Crib & Queen Available
For making the
Softest Stuffies
Extra Loft Quilt Batting
Queen Size (90x108)
Pellon Fusible Fleece
45" Wide
Pillow Forms
12", 16" & !8" Square -Sold in Pairs
- On the Roll 45" Wide
Wonder Under
15" Wide x 2 Yards
Peltex 72 Ultra Firm
Double Sided Fusible
20" Wide
Fabric Magic
30"W x 18"L   
Shrinks up to 30%
Add texture & dimention
Stitch N Tear
20" Wide on the Bolt
Embroidery Stabilizer
Rigid Weave
3/4" x 10 Yards
Great for Handles & Baskets
Dream Seam
Fusible Batting Tape 1"Wide
Hobbs Heirloom Premium
80/20 120" Wide
Bleached White
100% Polyester
Was designed for clothing,
& Miniatures.  Lays flat for
Tablerunners & placemats
Quilt up to 8" apart.
Most common questions asked about batting...

Q:  What is Scrim?
A:  A thin stabilizer, needle-punched into the batting
to provide strength and prevent stretching.

Q:  Can I machine wash my quilt?
A:   All of todays battings are made for machine washing.

Q:  How do I remove wrinkles caused from the packaging ?
A:  Place batting in dryer for 5-10 minutes with a damp facecloth.
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Type:                              Approx. Loft          Shrinkage        Distance Between Stitches
80% Cotton,
20% Poly-Resin,
Bonded & Needlepunched     1/8+”                 3-5%                4″

Hand Quilting        Machine Quilting        Dark Fabrics        Light Fabrics
Excellent                Excellent                    Excellent              Good
Test With Fabric                                                                   Test with Fabric

Pre-Wash: Not Recommended
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